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Weight loss patches can be very effective when dealing with certain aspects of dieting and hormone issues, appetite, slow metabolism, energy levels, etc

We offer specific weight loss patches to help. Simplicity weight loss patches can be used with any of our supplements. If you're following an HCG diet plan or need hormone balance naturally come check these out. #hcg #patches #metabolism #supplements #simplicity #weightloss #hcgdiet #energylevels

Why you need to eat more fatty seafood, like salmon

Eating seafood, particularly fatty fish such as salmon, anchovies, and sardines, is the optimal way to get omega-3s that will protect your heart. SeaWestNews: A study of studies has provided compelling evidence that eating Omega-3 rich seafood, like salmon, is good for your heart. The meta-analysis, which is an in-depth review of 40 clinical trials, provides authoritative evidence for consuming more EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) omega-3 fats is associated with reduced risk of coronary heart disease. “The study supports the notion that EPA and DHA intake contributes to cardioprotection, and that whatever patients are getting through the diet, they likely need more,” said Carl “Chip” Lavie, MD, a cardiologist at Ochsner Health in New Orleans, LA, USA, and one of the study authors. The study was published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. EPA and DHA omega-3s are long-chain, marine-based fatty acids. Eating seafood, particularly fatty fish such as salmon, ancho

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Flawless Looks is an incredible product providing many key nutrients that our diets lack

Flawless Looks can Help to: *ELIMINATE LINES, WRINKLES, CROWS FEET, SPOTS, AND REDNESS *TIGHTEN SAGGING SKIN FROM AGING OR WEIGHT LOSS *RESTORE YOUR THICK AND LUSTROUS HAIR *BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM WITH VITAMIN C AND VITAMIN D *STRENGTHEN AND GROW YOUR SHORT, BRITTLE NAILS *EVEN OUT YOUR UNEVEN SKIN TONE NATURALLY *MOISTURIZE YOUR DRY LOOKING SKIN FROM WITHIN Goji berries contain healthy antioxidants, known for their immune-boosting qualities and their ability to fight harmful free radicals and inflammation. #immunesystem #nutrients #besthair #crowsfeet #wrinkles #flawlesslook #vitaminc #saggingskin #looks #lines #product #hairlove

I know what I am making tonight! Greek Burgers with Feta and Roasted Red Pepper

Joy Bauer Turkey burgers are going Greek…and these patties are filled to the brim with savory goodness! Follow my lead and serve them on a warm toasty pita bread topped with sliced tomato, crispy lettuce, and a dollop of Tzatziki sauce. OMG, these meaty gems are jam-packed with flavor and each bite is a party for your palate. Opa! Prep time 10 minutesTotal Time 40 minutesThis recipe makes 4 burgers Ingredients:• 1 pound ground turkey (at least 90% lean)• ½ cup finely chopped jarred roasted red pepper, patted dry with paper towels• ⅓ cup crumbled feta cheese• 2 cloves garlic, minced (or ½ teaspoon garlic powder)• 1 teaspoon dried oregano• ¼ cup finely diced red onion• 2 tablespoons fresh parsley, finely chopped (or 1 teaspoon dried)• 2 tablespoons fresh dill, finely chopped (or 1 teaspoon of dried), optional• ¼ cup finely chopped jarred pepperoncini peppers (patted dry with paper towels), optional• Freshly ground black pepper to taste• ½ teaspoon kosher salt or more to taste

Everyone always asks me whats your strongest product? Well, that can vary from person to person depending on tolerance, and what you're looking for

There are different categories of Elite Weight Loss Supplements for a reason. We have a great comparison chart on the website to help break it down and also are available on chat and via email (when time allows these days we try to get back to you the same day :))) Here is a link to the strongest fay burners we carry. #weightloss #weight #supplements #fitness #help #weightlosssupplement #loss #elite

I found this article very interesting and thought I would share it

Home Health & Wellness Health Centers Aging Gracefully Foods To Lower Alzheimer’s Risk? #GeneralHealth Foods To Lower Alzheimer’s Risk? | Aging Gracefully | Andrew Weil, M.D. Home Health & Wellness Health Centers Aging Gracefully Foods To Lower Alzheimer’s Risk? Is it true that the more apples and berries you eat, the lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease? Andrew Weil, M.D. | June 18, 2020 New research does suggest that the more apples, berries and tea you consume, the lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. This finding comes from a 20-year-long Tufts University study that included 2,801 people age 50 and older. It looked at their consumption of flavonoids, natural substances found in fruit and onions as well as in tea, red wine and dark chocolate. Low intake of apples, pears and tea was linked with twice the normal risk of developing dementia and low intake of blueberries, strawberries and red wine was associated with a risk that was four time

Exercising at home? Here are 5 ways you might be screwing up your workouts — and how to avoid common pitfalls #Teachers #Exercise #HomeWorkout

Alysha Bazan, trainer and fitness director at CrossTown Fitness, said weightlifting is one of the most common exercises she sees performed incorrectly — especially deadlifts, in which people will sometimes round their back while lifting.“Take your time and don’t rush through the movement. Make sure that you’re stabilizing your core,” she said. “Make sure you’re doing the form properly without the weights first before loading it up.”Home exercisers may not know how to plan a workout either, Bazan said: “Like, not knowing the proper exercises to pair together, especially if they’re loading up the weight, or how many reps and how many sets that they’re doing.”Story continuesBazan said you can lift safely at home, and it might not require as much equipment as you think. “It seems like a lot of people have like one or two pieces of equipment at home — which is great and you can do a lot of things with the one piece of equipment,” Bazan said. “Especially if people have one dumbbelll or one

Time to take charge and make goals for this week

Making a plan helps you to reach your goals. What's your goal for this week? Whats your plan? Lose 2 pounds? Drink more water? Let's do this! #lose #water #charge #reachyourgoals #goals #takecharge #whatsyourplan