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90 day weight loss Challenge earn 5000 points

Receive 5000 Reward Points For Completing Our 90-Day Challenge!

Elite Weight Loss is committed to helping you stay on track, record your progress while helping you with some tips and tricks along the way. We want you to succeed, and we understand it’s not always easy, and you need a little help and guidance, that’s OK!
We have all been there. The diets, yo-yo gimmicks, fads, apps, and more. We have tested and tried a lot of things, and quite frankly, we know what works. So let’s get you started!
What you need
  1. A scale to measure your weight
  2. A camera to take photographs at each checkpoint
  3. A tape measure
A simple flexible tape measure to use at home if you have it. You will also record your starting weight and can submit your starting photo. It’s so nice in 90 days to see how far you have come.
Our awesome tracking system will allow you to enter in your measurements and watch yourself shrink!  Why measure besides record weight? Because the scale can lie. Why? If you do exercise, 2 pounds of lean muscle weighs more then fat. You may be shrinking in your clothes but not see it on the scale. Doing both will keep you motivated as well. Some people lose inches of extra fluids, fat cells shrink before it massively shows up on the scale as well. Keep in mind-lean muscle burns more fat throughout the day!
Use your product.
Continued use of the product according to the directions will maximize your results.
Using Elite Boost detox will also allow your system to detox and cleanse at startup or anytime you have hit a plateau.
Drinking Plenty of water (half your body weight daily in ounces minimum) is the goal as well.
This will help to flush stored fat. Constipation will hinder weight loss.
Try something new!
Try something new and switching things up always helps. Rotating your weight loss product or “cycling” each month to a new one will help your body from plateauing as well. Same with exercise, same with eating habits. When you repeatedly do the same things, your body and metabolism gets stuck. So if you started with Skinny Elite, move to Skinny Bee Platinum, then to Curve Bee Pollen, then to Sizzle Me Skinny. It doesn’t have to be in that order, but I think you see the point. Not too hard.
Add in a little Elite Boost detox or Ignite Fat Burner drink when needed. 
Both of those can be taken in conjunction with any of our weight loss capsules. Ignite has no added caffeine, it’s considered a non-stimulant but aggressive on fat burning and appetite as well. It can help shed off extra fat, especially for those who like to exercise or strength train. Elite Boost can be used once a month to detox and cleanse the gut and restore function. Some even claim they use just one capsule every night to stay regular and reduce belly bloat.
Continuing to track your progress will lead to better outcome.
It’s called accountability. Accountability to yourself, seeing your numbers, and watching the changes will help you stay focused from week to week. Accountability to what you do, eat, drink, activity, makes you in tune with more about the reasons you gained the weight in the first place. Emotional eating, bored, poor diet habits, too many drive-through visits, late night snacking, too many sugary drinks with loaded calories, alcohol, sitting too much,
Most people who either track, go to a weight loss group, chat Online in a weight loss group, or
use a fitness journal, are more likely to stay on track and lose weight than not tracking at all.
Why??? Accountability. There’s that word again.
We suggest tracking at least once a week with measurements in our program here and using a food journal, or app, whichever you prefer. You will significantly see your appetite decrease with our supplements, your energy go up,m your focus, mood and clarity improve.



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